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Frequently asked questions

Do you work with clients in person?

I work exclusively as a remote intuitive, astrologer and healer providing virtual zoom audio sessions to an international clientele. Psychic and Mediumship readings are not dependent on time and space as they are soul-to-soul communications, whether that soul is incarnated on the earth plane or in the spirit realm. We live in a time linear world, but the spirit world is not bound by physics and transcends these limitations. Also having a virtual session without seeing your appearance, helps eliminate bias and assumptions based on appearance that all people and mediums can occasionally be influenced by. Seeing you has no bearing on the quality of your session, and may actually improve the experience and information received.

What time zone are you in?

PST (Pacific Standard Time). I am located in Los Angeles, CA in the United States.

Do I have free will?

Yes, of course, though some experiences, events and interpersonal connections in life are ultimately predestined as you come into this world with a soul purpose, contracts, and certain experiences that have been chosen by or for your soul for greater growth. That being said, there is still is a lot of choice and free will operating in other aspects of your life and it is important to operate with that impression. Never fear what the future may hold as the universe is working FOR YOU, not against you. Any information given during readings is still up to you to accept or reject and is a reflection of what the current trajectory of your life and mindset is. We can step into or out of the currents of life by our actions.

How often can one get a Psychic or Mediumship reading?

The purpose of these readings are to empower you and confirm what you mostlly already know, deep-down inside. It's permission-given guidance. The purpose is to not make you dependent on these readings, but for you to take the information given in your highest good and implement them in your life. It takes time for these things to occur. I recommend psychic or mediumship readings at most a few times a year, no more than one every 4 months. For astrology or healing sessions, this not the case as astrology readings can cover different areas of focus. And multiple healing sessions may be required as certain ailments, mental or emotional blockages may be very deep. What took many, many years to develop may not always disappear in one session, but the difference should still be noticeable and the benefits significant.

How accurate are Psychics?

The great Mavis Pittila once said, "that if she was 80% right, that would have been a good day." There are always inaccuracies and no medium in 100% right for many reasons. First, the information received can be misinterpreted when you are dealing with intuitive information that can be nebulous at times. The receptivity of a recipient can also influence the reading. Also you have free will and may choose to take different actions based on the information you were given. That being said, the amount of specific information that can come through can be amazing at times. And I always strive for the highest possible accuracy, though I cannot always be 100% right.

Can I record your readings?

Yes, you may record the audio.

Do you predict the future?

Psychic work in many ways is predictive work. Psychics look at the current trajectory of your energy and mindset which gives a high probability that certain things will happen along with any agreements or contracts that your soul has agreed to. Some things are predestined while other things are changeable based on your free will. Human souls exist in a vast, intricate, interconnected universal network whose life intersects with other human beings in ways that are often not accidental.

My loved one just passed. Can you connect to them with mediumship?

It is recommended that one wait a bit after a loved one's passing to hear from them. Mainly because the person seeking the reading goes through natural stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance as detailed in the well-known book: On Death & Dying by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. The grief from a recent passing can be overpowering, which can oftentimes prevent a person from processing what's said during a reading or reduce receptivity.

Can you connect to a specific love one in spirit?

No medium can guarantee a specific connection as it is like a one-way phone call. They can contact us at will, not the other way around. That being said, I do try to connect to who you are truly seeking to communicate with and I will ask whether I am connecting with who you wish to speak to towards the latter half of the reading. Most of the time, the desired person does come through and they are never "busy," or upset at being called upon! And if other peripheral loved ones do come through such as distant friends, family or loved ones; they can still have profound messages for you. There is always a universal intelligence at work letting you know what you need to know during a reading.

With energy healing, can you fix diseases or serious ailments?

Energy healers work to repair your disturbances or blockages in your energy field on a phsyical, mental or emotional level to profoundly accelerate your own healing processes. Miracles can and do occur, but they are not to be expected. What took many, many years to develop, often over a lifetime, sometimes cannot be eliminated instantanously in one session, but dramatic shifts can occur in one's healing or the beginning of a powerful cascade to bring about a new state of being. If you experience noticeable shifts in your mindset, more mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual well-being, along with continuing your self-care, then it would be considered a success. And these results may happen several days after your session, if not during your session. Everyone's experience is different and what will happen is for your highest good.

What do I do during a reading?

For the best experience and guidance, please refrain from providing excessive feedback when being asked to provide validation, such as, "Do you understand this?" A simple, yes, no or "I don't know" will suffice. That way I can give you the evidence before you give it to me. No need to volunteer too much information. After all it's my job to provide it to you! I will open it up to any further questions or comments at specific points during a reading. Finally being relaxed, receptive and open-minded will make a big difference. I can more easily operate at my best and read your energy. Closing oneself off either consciously or subconsciously does no service to yourself or me. You deserve a good experience.